Wednesday, March 5, 2008

2008 Adventures

For those of you following my adventures, this year promises to be a GREAT ONE! I am planning to leave for Durban, South Africa the first of April to help African Christian Ministries and a medical missions trip that is scheduled to go there in April. You can read about this mission and their work on their web site: This trip, I will be working on helping to build a housing unit for the volunteers who go there to assist the mission. This will be a much needed 24 bed (12 bunk), two bathroom unit on the compound. I will then return for the wedding of some friends of mine here in June. The end of June, I will possibly be joining my missionary cousins and a team to Kosovo for a few weeks. I have also been invited to visit/assist a 380 acre dairy farm mission in New Hampshire called HIS MANSION in my spare time. They house and assist unwed mothers and recovering addicts between the ages of 18 and 35 who live there and work the farm for a year, while they are getting back on their feet. This too is a wonderful ministry! And that is only the FIRST HALF of the year!!! There are so many good projects around the world! Where shall I go next? Stay tuned for updates and the next chapter! - Steve