Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Charitable Adventures

Hey friends,
Welcome to my new blog site! Hopefully I can keep this updated with my adventures. I just got back from doing some mission repair work in Bala Cynwyd, PA. for CrossWorld and am trying to get caught up on my jobs here at home. I am 'retired' and am now working more than ever!

I have always had a love for missions and have been on trips around the World for the last 25 years (16 countries, 4 continents), but have been limited to vacation times and the dictates of others. We have built schools, churches, camps, radio stations, clinics, housing and helped with numerous repairs. My current situation leaves me open and available to full my dreams of helping others. I have been contacted and have several projects in the works.

Projects Completed:

May 2007: Electrical repairs for a Doctor and his wife, an Eye Hospital, and the Samaritan's Purse HQ, and several homes in Central Asia.
(Cost: $3,000, Received: approx $2,800)

September 2007: Electrical repairs, remodeling at CrossWorld in Pennsylvania
(Cost: $401 Received: $401)

Projects Upcoming:

October 2007: Sponsored by Kensington Community. New York City trip to work with homeless and Kensington Church to look into the options of starting a new facility in Manhattan. (Approx. Cost: $600 Received: $ 0.0)

To participate in this project and get a tax deductible receipt include your
Name, Address, Phone #, Email, and a note indicating the funds for support of Steve LeFever. Make checks out to KCC and put NYC Missions in the memo field and mail to:

Craig Mayes- NYC Project
Kensington Community Church
1825 E. Square Lake Road
Troy, MI 48085

Memo: NYC Missions

February 2008: Sponsored by Extreme Response. 3 Month trip to Malawi, Africa to work on the KINDLE Orphan Outreach Facilities there. There are over a million homeless children in Malawi with no one to look after them.
(Approx. Cost $ 4,000 Received: $300)
A few more workers are needed for the first two weeks of this trip.

To participate financially in this project and get a tax deductible receipt, include your
Name, Address, Phone #, & Email.
Make checks out to Extreme Response International and put Steve LeFever #511 in the memo field and mail to:

Extreme Response International
P.O. Box 345
Snellville, GA 30078

Memo: Steve LeFever #511

I have the time and the talents to make these trips, but do not have the funds to continue to do this on my own without your help. We rely on your faithful contributions to keep this work going.

My photo and poem "Never Give Up" has made it half way around the World, is in hospitals, nursing homes, Doctor and Dentist offices, work places, a museum office, funeral homes and numerous other homes and locations from Africa to Australia and England to China. It has been published in one book and is soon to be the cover of another book and I have two more photos that will be published soon. I am selling some of my Photographs and bookmarks online to help fund these charitable projects and hope to add to the selection very soon.


If you would like to help become a vital part of this work you may purchase these items online with Paypal, send your contributions to the addresses listed above, or contact me for directions for sending in funds directly to the organizations for a tax deductible receipt. I will also sell these items at wholesale for bulk orders for wholesale distributors and at reduced prices for mission organizations. Please contact me for details.

You can contact me at:

Thank you for visiting my site!!! Check back from time to time to see new items that I will be adding to my selection. As always, your prayers are worth more than Gold! Thank you for your support of these worthy adventures.

Love in Christ, Steve

Extreme Response International operates around the Globe helping out with emergency assistance including the Tsunami victims in Indonesia, Katrina Victims in the southern USA, and orphanages in Quito, Ecuador, South Africa and the orphan program in Malawi, Africa. They get requests all the time from around the world. Your financial and prayer support will allow us to do even more. You can visit their web site at:

CrossWorld International supports medical, teaching and mission projects around the World. Much is needed to help support these projects. You can visit their web site at


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Wow Steve! You are a natural born blogger. Very nice. I'll be sure to add this link to your web site.


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